Payment by bank

Here's how to pay by bank

If you prefer to pay directly by bank, please use the information below. Please note that you can choose the currency of EUR, USD or SEK. You can see the total amount when you choose the shipping type and your country. Your order will be shipped the same day the payment has been received.
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All payments of MeniQ och freight shall be in advance

You can pay via your Internet bank or print the information below and your bank office can help you.


If you need help, Please contact MeniQ


Bank details



Beoteknik AB


Kullerstensvägen 55, 13761 Jordbro, Sweden






USD:      SE97 8000 0832 7913 7022 6506
EURO:   SE92 8000 0832 7913 7679 0489
SEK:      SE05 8000 0832 7991 4944 3765

Total amount

The total amount can be found on the order acknowledgment we sent to you by email

Notice to Payee

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