MeniQ Video

This video shows how to use MeniQ.

Watch the video, it only takes a few minutes. It is important that you perform treatment properly.

And finally - follow the instructions carefully, we care about you.

  • Normal treatment should be performed at least 3 times a day, morning, noon and evening
  • Meniere's disease is often stress-related. Complete the treatment in peace and quiet
  • Focus on the treatment. Do not do anything else - TV, magazines, etc.
  • Meniere's disease is chronic. When you feel better after a few weeks, continue treatment
  • Always have your MeniQ in your pocket. Do you feel that an attack may come, do extra treatment immediately
  • If you're going to fly, do extra treatment at your gate, when you're in the plane and when the plane is lifting
  • Learn different environments. Pay attention to eg weather cover, department store with fluorescent lamps. Do you feel unwell, do extra treatment
  • 30% gets Meniere bilaterally. Treat both ears, even your healthy ear
  • It usually takes 3 weeks of treatment before you get better.

If you have questions, please contact us immediately.