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How to buy

Many of our languages are translated by Google Translate. If there is something you do not understand please contact us as soon as possible.

The easiest way to order a MeniQ is in this webshop. You can also contact us by phone or mail . We accept payments by credit card or Paypal and all distance purchases of are safe. If you are not a customer of, please register. Approved customers agreement to be payed by invoice.


You can choose to pay in Euro, USD or SEK in the box at the top right. VAT / duty can be added for your current country and paid by the buyer. The currencies are updated regularly.

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa is Visa's designation of the 3D Secure standard for secure identification cards for online purchases customer. Card issuers have offered their card customers that service will be able to identify and verify customer's identity card in a safe manner. The customer card linked to their card issuer and receive a username and password.

MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode is MasterCard's term of 3D Secure standard for secure identification of kortkund for online purchases. Card issuers have offered their card customers that service will be able to identify and verify customer's identity card in a safe manner. The customer card linked to their card issuer and receive a username and password.

Online Payment

What is security code (CVV2/CVC2/CSC). To increase security, you are prompted to specify which customer the last three digits which are printed in the signature panel on the back of the card. CVV2 is VISAS name and CVC2 is MasterCards name. Other terms used to describe the security code, CVV code, CVx or safety codes. This code is sent to the card issuer for verification and validation.

Where can I find the security code on the card?

For Visa and MasterCard, you can find the code that is the last three digits in the signature panel on the back of the card.

Why must the security code be provided?

This is to enhance safety. These numbers are randomly produced by the card issuer and can only be used as verification for online purchases. To learn more about the security code, contact your bank or card issuer.

Bank Payment

If you prefer to pay via your bank, you can read here Pay by bank

Delivery and delivery terms

Normally we have all products in stock and you get your order to your address within a few days. We use the fastest shipping method, mail or DHL. All freights with a value exceeding € 50 are traceable. Normally, we send your goods within 24 hours after we received your order.

Transport Damage

All shipments from us are transport insured to full value. Check the delivery immediately that no goods are missing or damaged. If the goods are transport damaged, this must be reported immediately to the post office that has delivered the goods.

Wrong deliveries

We want you to notify us as soon as possible if we have accidentally delivered the wrong item, the wrong number of goods or defective goods so that we can correct the error. This is done most easily by you within 7 days of receipt by clicking contact us

If you dont pick up your goods

If you do not redeem your package, we will have to charge you for the equivalent of your shipping cost + 50 Euro for our costs

Products out of stock

All items are normally in stock. If an item you ordered is temporarily out of stock, you receive a message with renewed delivery.

Return policy

As an individual, you have under Distance Contracts law right to cancel a purchase within 14 calendar days but not less than 7 working days from receipt. To request withdrawal under Distance Contracts, please fill in the information requested of us in the proper form (return) which we send to you after you have contacted us. Along with this form, you will find the conditions to be met in order to apply the right.
Returns should be addressed to:

Beoteknik AB
Kullerstensvägen 55
13761 Jordbro

Return of goods that are returned with reference to the Distance Contract Act is at the customer's expense since the Distance Contract Act does not give the customer the right to request repayment of costs for transport or other service rendered. Goods must be returned well packed, complete and in perfect condition to the above address. When returning a non-complete or damaged item, Beoteknik reserves the right to deduct the cost of restoring the goods to full condition. The cost of shipping is not compensated.

Personal Data

We store your personal data and purchases with us in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR). At your purchase, we will save your data for your delivery and if we need to contact you later. You can at any time contact us by e-mail or letter and request extracts from our registry. If your personal information is incorrect or incomplete, you may request your information corrected. Upon purchase, you agree to our terms.


We apply the 25-year warranty on your MeniQ. The warranty covers normal use, but not ear seals and hoses that are wear parts. Read more about the warranty.

Force Majeure

In the event of war, natural disaster, government decisions, missed deliveries from subcontractors, costly event, and similar events beyond our control which is not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and the pledges from our side, which makes us unable to keep that agreement / pledge shall constitute the basis that we released from our obligations to fulfill those agreements.

Terms of use

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