Frequently asked questions about MeniQ and Meniere

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For whom is the MeniQ intended?

MeniQ is intended for patients with Meniere disease.


Is MeniQ approved of by medical authorities?

Yes, MeniQ is used within the health care to treat Meniere. MeniQ is a registered medical device.


Do I need a ventilation tube (TMD) in the ear?

A TMD-tube is normally not needed. That's because MeniQ have IPC (Individual Pressure Control) and you adjust the strength of the pressure pulses so that it suits you.


Is MeniQ efficacious?

Clinical studies has proved that MeniQ has a 3- stars significant improvement regarding vertigo, imbalance, sensation of fullness and tinnitus (p=0.000) and hearing (p=0.023) compared to other treatments Read more about the study.


I already have a ventilation tube in my ear. Does it need to be removed?

No, it's not needed.


Shall I discontinue medication prescribed by my doctor?

When you begin the treatment with your MeniQ pressure pulsator, you need not change or discontinue other medication or treatment.


Is it warranty on MeniQ?

Yes, you have 25 year warranty on your MeniQ for normal use, but not ear seals and hoses that are wearing parts Read more about warranty.


Is it difficult to use the MeniQ?

MeniQ is very easy to use and with MeniQ comes a short, easy-to-understand manual. A treatment takes only a few minutes.


Where do I get new spare parts?

New ear pieces and spare parts can be ordered from us or our retailer.


How do the pressure pulses reach the inner ear?

Each pressure pulse propagates through the middle ear to the inner ear and normally need a TMD- tube not be inserted.


Which pressure does the MeniQ apply to my ear?

The maximum pressure is about the same as that you will experience if you lower your ear 25 centimetres under water. MeniQ also has a built-in safety valve.


For what period of time shall the MeniQ treatment continue?

The endolymphatic liquid are continuously produced and therefore the treatment must continue preventive for years.


Do I need to consult a doctor to start treatment of Meniere with MeniQ?

No. You can start the treatment as soon as you get your MeniQ.


Is MeniQ patented?

Yes. To protect and to prevent from false copies is MeniQ under a global patent.