Patients stories

“Thanks MeniQ, my husband's life and mine have completely changed!

Gavin is affected by Meniere's Disease and before finding MeniQ online he was experiencing a severe combination of dizziness, vertigo, heavy sweating, vomiting and imbalance.
I can’t even remember all the times we rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night because of his condition. He was getting pretty down, afraid that he would no longer be able to keep his job. He wasn't enjoying life anymore, afraid to go anywhere, afraid to get a vertigo attack while watching a movie or eating at the restaurant.

Trying to help Gavin, I started reading everything possible about Meniere's Disease.

When I found your MeniQ on the internet, I talked to Gavin about it, and he accepted to buy it - what did we have to lose, at that point?

Well, it worked IMMEDIATELY!

Since the very first day, almost all the nasty symptoms caused by Meniere's Disease were gone, no more dizziness, nausea or imbalance, no more rooms spinning around, and he no longer needed a single day off work!
Gavin is religiously using MeniQ every day, and if he feels " weird" he gives himself an extra treatment and the dizziness immediately stops! The low sodium diet, which we are thoroughly following, is indispensable, but without MeniQ it wouldn't be enough!

Whoever invented this device deserves a NOBEL PRIZE in Medicine, I swear!



Forever grateful!
Aurora and Gavin Hellyer, Austalia



"Hi, my name is Mike and I am an engineer.

I had problems with one ear for 10 years. It started with recurrent hearing loss and dizziness a few seizures. These episodes could last for weeks or months, but always went over without residual symptoms.
5 years later, the same situation was back after a break of three years. This time the hearing loss did not disappear. After a year of hearing loss, I started getting severe vertigo attack that lasted up to a whole day and I was completely knocked out for several days. Together with this, I had constant tinnitus. Sounds that varied from one type of roaring waves on the beach and the sound that sounded like my pulse in the affected ear.
I visited my family doctor and also an ear specialist who, after many tests diagnosed Meniere's disease. Unfortunately ENT specialist said he could not do anything except to prescribe some medicine to hopefully alleviate the vertigo attacks. I was using this medication but it bothered my stomach so much I had to stop.
Now had also the vertigo attackes become more frequent and I began to consider seeking early retirement because it was impossible for me to continue working. My life had changed dramatically and I was afraid to go anywhere alone because I feared the vertigo attacks. This was compounded by the fact that the more worried I was, the more likely it seemed that it would happen.

During this time I read about the disease on the internet and was lucky enough to get to the site I ordered a MeniQ and started using it and I can say that within a month's usage had my bouts of dizziness completely disappeared. This is a year and a half years ago and I have not had a single attack since then. I previously had at least one attack a week!

Even my tinnitus, which always was present has disappeared. I still have not completely regained hearing, but I can live a normal life.
I continue to use MeniQ almost religiously every day and never leave home without my MeniQ. I am grateful that there is such a device and have and will recommend it to anyone suffering from similar symptoms as mine."


Markham, Canada
Best regards
Michael Jennings


My name is Aud Midtsund.

"I was diagnosed with Morbus Meniere five years ago, but I've probably had the disease for much longer. Disease came as a bolt from the blue for me, and I was terrified. Absolutely everything. spun around, I was feeling sick, vomited and cold sweat for eight hours before the doctor arrived. I was terrified and thought I at least had had a stroke. The hospital in Oslo, confirmed by various studies that I had Meniere's disease. They said the disease was chronic that I had to "learn to live with ", there were no treatment.

My reaction was primarily anger. This would not live with, it must be something or someone that can help me!

The attacks came steadily, specialists just pulled on her shoulders, and I went from one clinician to another. The worst was the fear of vertigo attacks escalated. I was terrified of having a seizure, and thus quite unsociable. After searching in vain online for years, I finally found something called MeniQ, as many were using. I did not hesitate, but immediately ordered a set.

I started using my MeniQ immediately. The first week I got a hint of a seizure, but managed to stop it by using my MeniQ. Even at Christmas thought I would have a seizure and panicked to set the Christmas celebrations. Even now, it was over.

When the attacks did not come vanished also the worst anxiety. I am retired and working full time as a writer. As serial and novelist with deadlines every month, it becomes easy to be stress which may also affect a seizure.

Today, after five months, I have no attack, I use my MeniQ every day and are convinced that it is the one that has helped me. The first thing I do when I wake up is take my MeniQ on the bedside table, and do a treatment before going up. Same thing in the evening. It should be said that I wake up or are tired in the evening I can get tinnitus, but after having pumped a little, both in bed and when I'm up, before the tinnitus is gone.

MeniQ is my best friend."


Many greetings from
Aud Midtsund
Oslo, Norway


"Hi, my name is Gertie!!

I have been diagnosed Meniere in 1983. I had Meniere's disease for 23 years before I found my MeniQ.

It began very suddenly with a vertigo attack and I was diagnosed with Meniere. Previously, I had migraines for many years. In 8 years I had recurring dizzy spells, I was completely knocked out for several hours and recovery took several days. Some periods I got sick myself, I could not work and the only help I got from my doctor during those years, water tablets, Salures.
In 9 years I was symptom free from Meniere but in 2000 did the trouble again. This time much worse. The first attack came suddenly at work and resulted in an ambulance ride to hospital. I had been feeling very tired and had been busy on my work. All resulted in me being prematurely retired at age 62. The help I received from health care, I had most looked up myself and my doctor suggested.

I've tried just about everything, motion sickness tablets, Betaserc, tubes implanted in the ear and a Meniett that I could borrow the hospital for 3 months. All to no avail.
Finally I found my MeniQ. I was then almost desperate for last year's frequent attacks with carousel dizziness and constant tinnitus. In spring 2006 I bought my MeniQ and I got rid of the vertigo attacks directly. In the beginning I did 5 treatments a day but now only three times a day. I have at one point tried to stop MeniQ, because I felt so good, but had a vertigo attack after only a few days.
Today is my vertigo, tinnitus and pressure in the ear away. I sometimes have a bit unbalanced and my hearing in the affected ear is not completely recovered. Thanks MeniQ I can now live a normal life. I have a good life, traveling a lot and can spend time with friends and acquaintances. Nowadays we live abroad for 3 months in the winter and then I feel its best.
Thanks to MeniQ I have a good life today.


Norrköping, Sweden
Best regards
Gertie Conradsson


My story about life and Meniere

May 18, 2006 I got my first strong dizziness, seizures. It was a frightening experience. The whole world was like a carousel, and I became nauseated, vomited and had a strong tinnitus. The doctor thought it was a virus on the balance nerve, but I had a suspicion of Meniere when I was sensitive to sounds and had tinnitus.
During summer I was pretty good, but in the autumn and winter came vertigo attacks more frequent and lasted longer and was worse. As a rule, they lasted for 6 - 8 hours and I was exhausted and depressed days afterwards. I went to a specialist who diagnosed Meniere. Luckily I have a caring man who helped me through the attacks and the most difficult days. I could not manage to be with my grandchildren as I wanted. I sing in a choir, but it was difficult with both sound and all the people, in the worst periods I could not be with. Now I could either knit or read. Between the attacks, I had an imbalance and I envied the people around me who were lucky and were not as "weird in the head." I noticed that my hearing was much worse.

Sometimes I was 100% sick leave. It was a terrible time. To go home and think about himself and the disease did not make life easier. I was depressed and cried a lot. The doctor gave me the diuretic, but it didn´t help. Betaserc helped a little more.
In the spring of 2010 I received a 14-day stay for Meniere's patients at Landåsen. It was a fabulous stay that made me feel good. I had physical therapy, exercise, relaxation exercises, walking and met others who had Meniere. It is important to share experiences and learn that you are not the only one struggling with this.

In the spring of 2010 I went online and searched for Meniere and treatment and found the page MeniQ. It was wonderful to read. Maybe it was something that could help. I wrote to MeniQ and got an answer right away. I got a MeniQ and today I can not live without it. Finally it's something that helps me. I appreciate the follow-up and guidance they have given me from day one. Now I use MeniQ 4-6 times daily. First thing in the morning before I get up is to use MeniQ and that's the last thing I do before I fall asleep. I never go anywhere without my dear friend MeniQ. If I feel bad, I use MeniQ acute and that helps. That's incredible.

After using MeniQ a couple of months, I quit with medicines and it goes very well. I know that I have Meniere. For a while I had imbalance, but in recent weeks, it has also passed away. My tinnitus is better, but my hearing is damaged. I have regained my life. I work 100%, singing in chorus, take care of my grandchildren and I knit whenever I have time. I'm in social settings - nothing stops me now. I will spread my experience on MeniQ to all who struggle with Meniere. I have given all of Meniere patients I met at Landåsen Web address to MeniQ.

I will visit the Landåsen in November / December this year, and then I will inform staff and patients on MeniQ. My doctor knows that I use MeniQ, and next time I'm going to him he will get information on how MeniQ help me. All ears / nose / throat specialists and all general practitioners should have knowledge of MeniQ here in Norway as well."


Many greetings from
Sissel Ødegaard
2850 Lena, Norway.


"My name is Jörgen and studying in Uppsala.

In autumn 2005, I started getting problems with hearing loss and dizziness a few seizures.
The dizziness attacks came sporadically and in batches. The doctors called it migraine attack and it took until 2007 before I got the correct diagnosis of Meniere's disease.

As a treatment for Meniere I received diuretic medicine, which performed well in the beginning but became ineffective over time.
In spring 2009, I came into contact with a knowledgeable doctor who offered me to borrow a Meniett. It gave much better results than the diuretic medicine, but still remained a severe pressure in the ear, hearing loss, tinnitus and the vertigo attacks.
The doctor recommended me to change to a MeniQ instead, something I am very happy for today.

After that I started using my MeniQ the vertigo attacks has disappeared completely. Likewise, is the pressure feeling clearly reduced, both tinnitus my hearing have been significantly improved. Now I can finally use the affected ear again. And even a mobile phone!
Getting a Meniq is the best thing that happened to me concerning Meniere's disease and I recommend MeniQ warm. The fact that the company really cares about trying to help their clients is evident."

Kindest regards
Jörgen Engvall
Uppsala, Sweden


"I cured my Meniere.

For many years I had problems with one ear. Pain, hearing loss and tinnitus. Then came the attacks of vetigo and I was diagnosed with Meniere. I have sought help for many years, sought the most part, but nothing has helped. I heard about MeniQ spring 2003 and bought a pulsator.


Since I started using MeniQ I have not had a vertigo attack. The pain that I had had in three years, hearing loss and a thousand temples have also disappeared. I am sure that it is thanks to MeniQ and I can live a normal life with my interests. Even when I fly I use MeniQ to remove the lid sensation in the ears."

Elisabet Hedman
Borlänge, Sweden


"My way back to life is called MeniQ.

After years of hearing loss and tinnitus, I had my first vertigo attack summer of 1997. I contacted my doctor and was diagnosed with Meniere.

Diuretics was the only help I received, but dizziness attacks became more and more often, after one year up to 5 times a week. The attacks lasted for at least a couple hours and my life was completely in the background. I could not work and had no social life. I dared not go outside the front door.

My salvation came in the autumn of -99, when I started using MeniQ. After 2 weeks of treatment was the vertigoattacks away. Weeks passed without attacks. I hardly dared believe it was true. I could start living normally again.

Now I have had my MeniQ for 13 years. During these years I have had a few sporadic dizzy spells but have always stopped the bout by immediately starting a treatment with MeniQ.
Today I live a normal life without seizures. I normally work and my Meniere's gone and both hearing and tinnitus has become much better. I always have my MeniQ in the pocket which gives me security today."


Catarina Persson
Haninge, Sweden